Welcome to Kuze Original.

Trying to create a new shopping experience since 2016.

KUZE ORIGINAL is a local brand that provides daily lifestyle product with the concept “Japanese Streetwear”. Kuze Original was established in March 2016.

Many people think that this is a japanese brand because in our logo, there’re the kanji letters “オ リジナル” (spelled “orijinaru”) which means “original”. Not only that, the Kuze brand also sounds like a japanese name. In reality, “Kuze” is actually a Czech word that means “Leather” in english.

The reason why this brand was established in the first place is because in our early days, we were only selling leather bracelets. As the time went, we began to realize that the Kuze brand is getting stronger. Because of that, we decided to expand to other products such as eyewear, apparel, clutch, belt, etc. Because our product categories were expanding, we decided to change our brand name to “Kuze Original” in 2018.

Our vision is to become a local brand from Indonesia that can compete with foreign brands that entered Indonesia and become the number one choice for people when it comes to completing their daily lifestyle, either for man or women.